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Castle Combo Obstacle Course
Castle Combo Obstacle Course Castle Combo Obstacle Course Castle Combo Obstacle Course Castle Combo Obstacle Course

Castle Combo Obstacle Course


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  • Curious George B-DayCastle Combo Obstacle Course:Curious George B-Day1
  • Disney PrincessCastle Combo Obstacle Course:Disney Princess1
  • It's A Girl ThingCastle Combo Obstacle Course:It's A Girl Thing1
  • Jurassic ParkCastle Combo Obstacle Course:Jurassic Park1
  • Mickey And FriendsCastle Combo Obstacle Course:Mickey And Friends1
  • SpidermanCastle Combo Obstacle Course:Spiderman1

    This spiderman bouncer is lots of fun!

  • Sponge BobCastle Combo Obstacle Course:Sponge Bob1
  • Strawberry ShortcakeCastle Combo Obstacle Course:Strawberry Shortcake1

Product Information:

The Castle Castle Obstacle Course is an over-sized inflatable play structure that has a bright and colorful Castle theme of purple, yellow, red and blue, perfect for high-traffic days. The Castle Combo Obstacle Course is set up for friendly competition play, with dual entrances and exits. This impressive structure measures over 52 feet long!

The Castle Combo Obstacle Course inflatable play structure has a round front-loading obstacle entrance, taking participants through maneuvering pop-ups, over climbs and down the slides for exciting race from start to finish. The inflatable Castle Combo Obstacle Course then ends with awesome climb & slide to the finish.

6 hour rental

Dimensions:  52'L x 15'W x 14'H

Space Requirements: 57x20x19

Product Reviews:

  • 10/9/16ColleenEveryone LOVED it! We even had 15 minutes of Grown-Ups ONLY time on it!

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